Forget about clever Internet marketing ideas
that waste time and seldom work!

Launch Your Website on Cell Phones Everywhere

If you provide internet content that users need to see daily, weekly or monthly on their cell phones, this service can launch your business into orbit forever!


INFO POPS is a F,R.E.E subscription service that sends content dynamically from a content provider's website to a subscriber's cell phone.

Messages are sent on scheduled intervals or whenever the content changes.

When the content provider's website is updated a message pops up on the subscriber's desktop, cell phone, IPad or any other internet device.

Users subscribe by clicking on a link similar to this that is inserted on the content provider's website:



The system is unsurpassed as an Internet marketing tool. You can turn site visitors into repeat visitors, because:

  • You can stay in touch on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis without manual intervention.
  • These messages may include links back to your website, or
  • Advertisements like Google Adwords!
  • Very effective way of building a large contact list.

It is very easy to implement;
If you can insert a few lines of code in your web page/s you can have it up and running within a matter of minutes.


One company discovered the power of mobile marketing by sending daily Jokes to their subscribers.

They simply created a small text file including 365 jokes (one per line).

Then wrote a little script to display a different joke each time the page loads.

This service was pointed to that page and scheduled to send out jokes on a daily basis.

  • Now the company receive hundreds of NEW subscribers every day.
  • Every message provides an opportunity to lure customers back to their website - That is 365 opportunities toe EACH subscriber per year!
  • With every message they also include a Google Adwords advertisement to generate an additional income stream!

    Needless to say, this company is smiling all the way to the bank :-)

We created a similar page so that you can see for yourself how it works: 

Click the link below to receive an UN-censored Joke a Day

(To UN-subscribe, simply click on the link in each message)

You may wonder what kinds of content people subscribe to? Here are some ideas;

  • Stock prices and announcements
  • News headlines
  • Daily program schedules
  • Performance indicators
  • A joke a day
  • Notifications or alerts when an event is about to start
  • Sport results and scores
  • Press releases
  • Blog posts
  • The list goes on...

    The system is designed to deliver time sensitive content to subscribers while they're on the move.

Nobody knows your business as well as you do. What kind of information can you send to your clients?


If the content is good there is no limit to the number of subscribers that you will get! But people also subscribe because;

  • Virtually any phone with email capabilities can be configured to use the service! No software needs to be installed.

  • The system pops up an alert message as soon as new content is available. No user interaction is required and its as fast as a normal SMS or Text message.

  • The service is free to subscribers AND content providers.

This is better than email because normal email messages may be delayed due to message queues on the server/s.


SMS and Twitter messages can't be longer than 140 to 160 characters! Info Pop messages can be much longer and may actually include useful content like links, proper headlines in full HTML images!

With SMS or TEXTING there’s a price tag on every message, whereas this service is completely free.

INFO POPS is the only service that we know of that can notify users on their cell phone through a pop-up message WITHOUT the need to manually log into a website or start another installed program.

When the phone is switched on it is ready to receive messages.

Most people do not enable pop-up notifications for their email because of the high volumes of email (spam) received. INFO POPS cannot be spammed and you do not even have an email address that may be abused by external advertisers.


If you subscribed to the Joke a Day above, you don't need to subscribe again. Just click here for instructions to setup your account.

Alternatively, click here to subscribe now.

Any enquiries may be emailed to support.

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