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STEPS Cemetery System - A step by step solution!

The STEPS Cemetery System is a web application that will revolutionise the way organisations manage their data.

After years of planning, design and consultation, we developed a system that is truly flexible. Large blue-chip organisations are paying millions to develop similar systems because of the value it provides to the business. We provide the same quality, performance and scalability at a fraction of the price.

Software modules

"Powerful project managers don't solve problems, they get rid of them. "

The basic modules of the Cemetery System include;  

  • The STEPS Cemetery System - can be customised to meet a client's specific requirements.
  • An electronic document management system; Link supporting documentation to any tracked item.
  • A correspondence register; Log all communications (email, sms, faxes, phone calls, etc) in one centralised system.
  • Hierarchical reporting; Real-Time up- and downward reporting provides an accurate, up-to-the-minute overview of the business’ status. This is particularly helpful when using the Cemetery System in a large enterprise with multiple offices and/or sub divisions.
  • A security system to manage access permissions.
  • A scheduling tool to deliver reports right to your inbox, send reminders and automate other important functions.
  • An award winning communication system; Send emails and sms messages to individual or groups of users.
  • A dynamic workflow engine;
  • Built-in audit trails of all correspondence, updates and changes made to the data.
  • Intelligent error detection and notifications; Pro-active support is key to the service that we provide.
    Clients may have requirements that are unique to their business. Additional modules are custom developed according to the client’s expectations and plugged into the system.

    This is what makes the Steps Cemetery System completely flexible and scalable.

Cemetery System

Key to this solution is the ability to create "Governance Items" that can be tracked and monitored over the duration of its lifespan.

Items are custom defined with parameters as provided by the client, for instance; Title, Description, Start Date, Status, Due Date, etc.

With this powerful feature, the system can be used to manage almost anything;

Assets, personnel, contracts, deliveries, vehicles, management processes, stock items, appointments, franchises, documents, risks, incidents, recommendations and actions (to mitigate risks), suppliers, orders, support enquiries (call centers) ... AND almost any other item that you can think of.

Customised items are linked to the core Cemetery System to provide one heterogeneous solution.

system process flow

The STEPS Cemetery System is;

  • Easy to use, with logical step-by-step user interfaces,
  • Easy to maintain with low overhead costs, and
  • Supported by a capable team that provides friendly, pro-active service.


It can be installed anywhere in the world. It is easy to use, maintain and support.

Cemetery System - Highly Recommended

STEPS is a professional and reliable solution that could become the cornerstone to all other integrated solutions in your organisation. Whether it's document management, client relations management, data storage, process management or a simple Cemetery System - you can do a lot more by choosing the right product from the start.

You may find similar information that could be of help by querying the following search engines; Ask, AllTheWeb or AOL.


Revolutionary Software Turns IT Hell Into Business Success Story

Implementing a reliable database and management system becomes EASY as pie with this accomplished service provider.

If you need;

  • A fully customized database, aligned to any business process,
  • Linked to an award winning communication system (SMS & Email), automated for fast reaction times, and
  • A powerful reporting tool to identify problem areas and reveal crucial management information.
The STEPS Governance System is ideal for managing;
Assets, personnel, contracts, deliveries, repairs, documents, incidents, tenders and suppliers, orders, help desks, clients, properties, sales... AND almost any other Governance Item!

Custom modules can be developed.

Never install software or updates. The system is centrally managed.

for more information.

The STEPS Governance System is ONLY available from Qualitone Software Solutions.

Credible companies interested in a strategic alliance are welcome to contact us.

"Since we started using the STEPS Framework our business is much more streamlined. Contacts are readily available, action alerts ensure fast and improved service. Every governance item, client and procedure in our organisation is managed in an orderly fashion. This is great to keep control of your business." - H Schoeman, SA.


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